LinkTiger: Find Broken Outbound Links in Your Site

The web is constantly moving and changing. Sites get shut down, sold, migrated, and upgraded all the time. A site like Martech has accumulated over 40,000 outbound links on our site over its lifetime… but many of those links don’t work anymore. That’s a problem for a few reasons: Internal resources like images that are no longer found can slow the loading of a page down. Pageload times impact bounce rates, conversions and search engine

Talk to Me with TokBox

I am a marketing geek, so I get excited when a new technology comes along which  can help my clients.  I spend hours registering for, and testing new services .  I think TokBox may be my new favorite tool. I was introduced to the service by my attorney.  ( Yes I have an attorney, and better yet, he is a tech savvy attorney).  I sent him an contract to review, and instead of sending me