How To Keep Your Copyright Date Updated Programmatically On Your Website or Online Store

We’ve been hard at work developing a Shopify integration for a client that’s quite robust and complex… more to come on that when we publish it. With all the development we’re doing, I was embarrassed when I was testing their site to see the copyright notice in the footer was out of date… showing last year instead of this year. It was a simple oversight as we had coded a text input field to display

How To Publish Your Shopify Blog Feed In Your Klaviyo Email Template

We continue to enhance and optimize our Shopify Plus fashion client’s email marketing efforts using Klaviyo. Klaviyo has a solid integration with Shopify that enables a ton of e-commerce-related communications that are pre-built and ready to go. Surprisingly, inserting your Shopify Blog Posts into an email is NOT one of them, though! Making things even more difficult… the documentation for building this email isn’t thorough and doesn’t even document their newest editor. So, Highbridge had

The Easiest Way To Minify Your Shopify CSS That’s Built Using Liquid Variables

We built out a Shopify Plus site for a client that has a number of settings for their styles in the actual theme file. While that’s really advantageous for easily adjusting styles, it means that you don’t have a static cascading style sheets (CSS) file that you can easily minify (reduce in size). Sometimes this is referred to as CSS compression and compressing your CSS. What is CSS Minification? When you’re writing to a stylesheet,

Shopify: How To Program Dynamic Theme Titles and Meta Descriptions for SEO using Liquid

If you’ve been reading my articles the last few months, you’ll notice that I’ve been sharing a lot more about ecommerce, especially with regard to Shopify. My firm has been building out a highly customized and integrated Shopify Plus site for a client. Rather than spending months and tens of thousands of dollars on building a theme from scratch, we talked the client into allowing us to use a well-built and supported theme that was