Buzz, Viral or Word of Mouth Marketing: What’s the difference?

Dave Balter, founder of BzzAgent, does a great job in defining the differences in Buzz, Viral and Word of Mouth Marketing in this edition of ChangeThis. Here are excerpts with Dave’s great definitions: What is Word of Mouth Marketing? Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is the most powerful medium on the planet. It’s the actual sharing of an opinion about a product or service between two or more consumers. It’s what happens when people become

Riffle: Get This Chrome Twitter Plugin Now!

I just wrote about my reignited love affair with Twitter and shared a couple great tools for managing your Twitter followers. Here’s another nice tool that I just discovered! Riffle by CrowdRiff is a Chrome Plugin that adds a Twitter dashboard pane that helps you identify and analyze information on the Twitter user. Riffle provides information including the activity, the account’s engagement, the source of the tweets as well as their top mentions and affinities.

Lithium Launches Get Serious About Social

Lithium has launched a hilarious series of videos and a new microsite, Get Serious About Social to poke some fun at Social Media and provide some informative whitepapers to assist companies with their social media strategy. Also included is a self assessment. The videos include: Customer Service and Social Media What Likes have to do with Business Results Big Data And Lithium inserts cats… to make fun of companies who use cats Did Lithium really

Lithium Customer Intelligence Center: From Customers to Superfans

In today’s social-centric world, what customers say about the brand generate far more traction than any advertisement or paid content can deliver. It’s no wonder marketers strain their ears to try and understand what the customer is saying about the brand over the social sphere. Lithium‘s real-time social media monitoring solutions allow the marketer to listen, measure and track the voice of the customer. Lithium Customer Intelligence Center gives you the tools to analyze social