Virtual Events Don’t Have to Suck: Marketing Departments Can Make Them Dazzle

We all participated in a lot of virtual events during the pandemic — every human interaction became a Zoom or Meets meeting. After two years of staring at screens, it’s hard to get people to tune into another boring virtual event or webinar. So, why are the best marketing teams investing in virtual events and webinars? When well executed, virtual events tell the brand’s story in a visual format and are able to capture a

How to Increase Social Media Engagement

We recently shared an infographic and article that detailed eight steps to launch your social media strategy. Many of you have already launched your social media strategy but may not be seeing as much engagement as you expected. Some of that may be filtering algorithms within the platforms. Facebook, for example, would much rather you pay to promote your content than display it forthright to anyone who follows your brand. It all starts, of course,

Finding Marketing Automation Opportunities

We work hard to automate our clients’ processes. As you begin to think about your marketer efforts, where are you truly spending the most time? Companies often discount or significantly underestimate the time it actually takes to move between processes. We just posted about the time it takes to record leads and touch points in a CRM – and a product that simplifies the task. Chances are that you are doing this all day long

Video >= Images + Stories

People don’t read. Isn’t that a terrible thing to say? As a blogger, it’s especially disturbing but I have to admit that people simply don’t read. Emails, websites, blogs, whitepapers, press releases, functional requirements, acceptance agreements, terms of service, creative commons…. no one reads them. We’re busy – we just want to get to the answer and don’t want to waste time. We honestly don’t have time. This week was a marathon week for me