Location-Based Marketing: Geo-Fencing and Beacons

While I was up at the IRCE in Chicago, I spoke with a company that described to me their platform that bridged online and offline customer interaction. Here’s an example: You walk into your favorite retail outlet. As soon as you walk through the door, the sales manager greets you by name, discusses the product you were researching earlier in the day on the Internet, and shows you some additional products you might be interested

Digby: Driving Local Commerce with Mobile Apps

It’s my belief that the writing is on the wall and retail outlets are now making the necessary investments in mobile strategies. Mobile has become key to consumer research and purchasing behavior. Combined with the massive adoption of smartphones, there’s little doubt of the impact mobile will have in years to come. Digby offers an SDK where the retailer’s mobile application can easily incorporate geofencing – make that app location-aware with Digby’s location-based analytics and

Find Out the Companies Visiting Your Site

This week I got to attend a pretty exciting demonstration of Demandbase Stream?. Demandbase Stream is an Adobe AIR application that allows you to monitor your web traffic in real time. David Lieberman, Vice President of Business Development describes Demandbase Stream: Demandbase Stream is the first browserless Web application that enables sales and marketing people to find out which businesses are visiting their Web site, what their interests are, and who to contact. By downloading