The Retailer’s Guide to SoLoMo

Social, Local, Mobile. The nickname for that is SoLoMo and it’s a strategy that’s securing a lot of growth in the industry. Social drives traffic through promotion and sharing, local drives action while users search for retailers in their region, and mobile is driving the purchase decision in and outside the retail location. Although retail conversion rates are low for smartphone users, those statistics don’t tell the whole story, as mobile devices are heavily influencing

10 Mobile Marketing Strategies

When you talk about mobile marketing, I think almost every marketer gets a different picture of what kind of strategy you’re speaking about. Today we finished a comprehensive mobile training session with about 50 companies present. As Marlinspike Consulting worked with us on the training syllabus, it became clear that there’s a lot more to mobile marketing than one might think. Here are 10 Mobile Marketing Strategies to think about: Voice – somehow, this one

Mobile Marketing Growth

The numbers are staggering and continue to accelerate. More and more people are trading in their mobile phones for smartphones, generating a huge demand for marketing apps, marketing-optimized web sites, location-based services and interactive mobile and social usage outside the home and office. From the Infographic: The traditional cellphone is being overtaken by the far more capable ssmartphone. Equipped with high-speed Internet connections and lightning-fast processors, these devices have essentially put fully capable interactive billboards