Beware – Google Search Console Ignores Your Longtail

We uncovered another peculiar issue yesterday when reviewing our clients’ organic search engine performance. I exported and reviewed impression and click data from Google Search Console Tools and noticed that there were no low counts, only zeros and large counts. In fact, if you were to believe Google Webmasters data, the only great terms that were driving traffic were the brand name and highly competitive terms that the client ranked on. There’s a problem, though.

Keyword Research Must Answer These Questions

We’ve watched many companies do what they call keyword research and I’m surprised at how much information they miss when they’re advising companies on what keywords to target with their content marketing strategies. Here are some important questions that we answer What keywords drive conversions? If you don’t know, I’d recommend leveraging analytics properly and reporting so that you can identify the keywords that drive business… not traffic. A key mistake we see by many

Does Your Organic Rank Matter?

Time for me to ruffle some SEO feathers again! Today I decided to download my stats from Google Search Console and really do some digging on the traffic that I’m getting from organic search. Martech Zone ranks incredibly high on a number of keywords with dozens of #1 ranks on highly competitive, high volume keywords. We all know that the higher the rank, the higher the click-through rate on a search engine results page. But