The Psychology and ROI of Color

I’m a sucker for a color infographic… we’ve already published how genders interpret colors, color, emotion and branding and whether or not colors impact buying behavior. This infographic details the psychology and even the return on investment a company might attain by focusing on the colors they’re utilizing throughout their user experience. Emotions evoked by color are based more on personal experiences than on what we’re told they’re meant to represent. The color red might

Do Your Customers LOVE You?

Do your customers love you? New survey data from Responsys reveals how brands can maintain long-term relationships with consumers and avoid unnecessary breakups. Responsys research shows that consumers take the plunge with brands when their messages are part of an orchestrated customer experience that unfolds over time, across channels and according to an individual’s behaviors and preferences. With the right strategies and solutions in place, every customer interaction could be the beginning of a beautiful