Gorgias: Measure The Revenue Impact of Your Ecommerce Customer Service

When my firm developed the brand for an online dress store, we made clear to the leadership at the company that customer service was going to be an essential component of our overall success in launching a new e-commerce store. Too many companies are so caught up in the site’s design and ensuring all the integrations work that they forget there’s a customer service component that can’t be ignored. Why Is Customer Service Essential To

The Quick Guide To Creating Shopping Cart Rules in Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Creating unmatched shopping experiences is the primary mission of any ecommerce business owner. In the pursuit of a steady flow of customers, merchants introduce diverse shopping benefits, such as discounts and promotions, to make purchasing even more satisfying. One of the possible ways to achieve this is by creating shopping cart rules. We’ve compiled the guide to creating shopping cart rules in Adobe Commerce (formerly known as Magento) to help you make your discount system

Onollo: Social Media Management for Ecommerce

My company has been assisting a few clients with implementing and expanding their Shopify marketing efforts over the last few years. Because Shopify has such a huge marketshare in the e-commerce industry, you’ll find that there are a ton of productized integrations that make life easier for marketers. US social commerce sales will grow more than 35% to surpass $36 billion in 2021. Insider Intelligence The growth of social commerce is a combination of integrated

Moosend: All The Marketing Automation Features To Build, Test, Track, and Grow Your Business

One exciting aspect of my industry is the continued innovation and dramatic drop in cost for highly sophisticated marketing automation platforms. Where businesses once spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (and still do) for great platforms… now the costs have dropped significantly while the featuresets continue to improve. We were recently working with an enterprise fashion fulfillment company that was ready to sign a contract for a platform that would cost them over half-a-million dollars

ShippingEasy: Shipping Pricing, Tracking, Labeling, Status Updates, and Discounts For Ecommerce

There’s a ton of complexity with ecommerce – from payment processing, logistics, fulfillment, through to shipping and returns – that most companies underestimate as they take their business online. Shipping is, perhaps, one of the most important aspects of any online purchase – including cost, estimated delivery date, and tracking. Additional costs of shipping, taxes, and fees were responsible for half of all abandoned shopping carts. Slow delivery was responsible for 18% of abandoned shopping