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  • Social Media & Influencer Marketing
    Social Media Image Dimensions

    Social Media Image Dimension Guide for 2023

    It seems like every week, a social network is changing layouts and requiring new dimensions for their profile photos, the background canvas, and images shared on the networks. Limitations for social images are a combination of dimension, image size – and even the amount of text displayed within the image. I would caution against uploading oversized images to social media…

  • Marketing Infographics10 surprising social media facts cover

    10 Facts That Will Surprise You About Social Media

    One aspect of the social web that I love is the equal playing field it provides companies both small and large, as well as the fact that it’s still the Wild West. As long as we can keep regulators and government hands’ off of it, I’m sure it will continue to flourish. That said, I’m always miffed when I observe…

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