How to Check, Remove, and Prevent Malware from Your WordPress Site

This week was pretty busy. One of the non-profits that I know found themselves in quite a predicament – their WordPress site was infected with malware. The site was hacked and scripts were executed on visitors that did two different things: Tried to infect Microsoft Windows with malware. Redirected all users to a site that utilized JavaScript to harness the visitor’s PC to mine cryptocurrency. I discovered the site was hacked when I visited it

WordPress Maintenance Checklist: The Ultimate List of Tips, Tools, and Best Practices

Just today I was meeting with two of our clients about their WordPress installations. I’m pretty vendor-agnostic about content management systems. WordPress’s overall popularity has really helped it since most third-parties will integrate with it, and the themes and plugin ecosystem is as good as you can get. I’ve developed quite a few WordPress plugins, myself, to assist our clients and support the ecosystem. That said, it’s not without its issues, though. Because it’s such