Chartio: Cloud-Based Data Exploration, Charts and Interactive Dashboards

Few dashboard solutiosnhave the ability to connect to just about everything, but Chartio is doing a great job with a user interface that’s easy to jump into. Businesses can connect, explore, transform, and visualize from just about any data source. With so many disparate data sources and marketing campaigns, it’s difficult for marketers to get a full-view into the lifecycle of a customer, attribution and their overall impact on revenue. Chartio By connecting to all

Guubie: The $59 Per Year Email Marketing Platform

Guubie has launched in beta and may rock the email marketing world with a flat fee of $59 per year, piggybacking on Mandrill’s email API. I’m glad to see some low cost companies enter the fray when it comes to email marketing. On this blog, for instance, we were paying twice as much for our email service than for our premiere hosting. The Guubie Email Marketing Platform includes: Email Marketing Campaigns – Create email marketing

Zapier: Workflow Automation for Business

I never realized that I’d have to wait 6 years before we’d begin seeing applications that intelligently visualized application programming interfaces… but we’re finally getting there. Yahoo! Pipes launched in 2007 and had some connectors for manipulating and connecting systems, but it lacked integration with plethora of web services and APIs that were exploding across the web. Zapier is nailing it… enabling you to automate tasks between online services – currently 181! Zapier is for

Mandrill: An Email Platform for Your Application

Integration is becoming such an important factor in the sales and marketing process that the average email program simply isn’t enough. Folks like Right On Interactive have taken their marketing automation system and built their own email platform directly into it so you need not purchase or integrate and ESP. It’s not difficult to actually do. When he was frustrated with the limitations of email services, Adam Small utilized open source mail transfer agents (MTAs)