Lessons Learned: Social Media Platforms and Blockchain Mass Adoption

The inception of blockchain as a solution to secure data is a welcome change. All the more now, as social media platforms have leveraged their pervasive presence to abuse people’s privacy constantly. It is a fact. A fact that has attracted massive public outcry in the last few years.  Just last year itself, Facebook came under heavy fire for misusing the personal data of 1 million users in England and Wales. The Mark Zuckerberg-led social media giant

Is Education The Answer?

I asked a question on Ask 500 People that received an interesting response. My question was: Are colleges just an organized means of passing ignorance from one generation to the next? First, let me explain that I worded the question to really spark a response – it’s called link-baiting and it worked. Some of the immediate responses I received were downright rude, but the overall voting is what had the impact. Thus far, 42% of