GroupSolver: Leverage AI and NLP In Market Research

If you’ve ever developed a survey and hoped to acquire quantitative and qualitative findings from the answers, you understand how difficult it is to word the questions. The verbiage, structure, and grammar you ask can lead to results that will lead your research astray. As a product manager, I ran into this a lot with focus groups. If I were testing a new user interface, asking for feedback could make the recipient scour the interface

Toluna Start: Real-Time Consumer Intelligence With A Global Community

Toluna Start is an agile, end-to-end, real-time consumer intelligence platform. The products provide customer insights, market research, and empowers clients to instantly conduct quantitative and qualitative research in real-time. Unlike traditional market research platforms, Toluna combines both the technology needed and access to a global community to provide the information you need. Toluna Start Whether it’s agile new product development or testing brand and communications messages, Toluna has a consumer intelligence platform to assist in

Birdie: AI-Driven Market Research

The firehose of data that social media can provide is unstructured and its difficult to attain meaningful information from it without some kind of intelligence. Birdie turns millions of comments, reviews, and other online conversations into structured, practical consumer insights that help marketing teams make faster, more effective decisions.  Birdie is the industry’s first comprehensive AI-based Insights-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform designed specifically to help CPG brands like Samsung and P&G understand millions of consumers’ opinions, transforming

If Your Content Team Just Did This, You’d Be Winning

There’s plenty of articles out there already on how terrible most content is. And there are millions of articles on how to write great content. However, I don’t believe either type of article is especially helpful. I believe the root of poor content that doesn’t perform is just one factor – poor research. Poorly researching the topic, the audience, the goals, the competition, etc. is resulting in terrible content that lacks the elements necessary to

What’s the Future of Passive Data Collection?

Although clients and suppliers alike cite passive data collection as a growing source of consumer insights, roughly two-thirds say they will not be using passive data two years from now. The finding comes from new research conducted by GfK and the Institute for International Research (IIR) among over 700 market research clients and suppliers. What is Passive Data Collection? Passive data collection is the gathering of consumer data through their behavior and interaction without actively

The Power of Data Mining and Decision Support Systems

This infographic from the New Jersey Institute of Technology illustrates the Data Mining and Decision Support Systems, defining the four different processes within the overall system. Data Management – collects the information that a company has available from their sales, records, and customer reports. Model Management – attempts to create conclusions from existing business strategies to see whether or not they are successful. Knowledge Engine – looks to create new paradigms to interact with trends.

3 Ways To Use Surveys For Better Market Research

Chances are that if you’re reading Martech Zone, you already know how important conducting market research is to any business strategy. Over here at SurveyMonkey, we believe that being well informed when making decisions is the best thing you can do for your business (and your personal life, too!). Online surveys are a great way to perform market research quickly, easily, and cost effectively. Here are 3 ways you can implement them into your business

Parallels and Leopard: A Must Have for the Business Mac User

With a many business applications running off of Microsoft, Mac is still a pain in the butt to run in the business setting. The newest Operating System upgrade from Apple offers some relief with BootCamp, an application that allow you to dual-boot an Intel-based Mac in either OSX or in Windows. Dual booting, for the most part, is really like running two different computers off the same hardware, though. Bootcamp is fine, but switching back