Tools Don’t Make The Marketer

We put a significant proposal in front of a prospect that was going to build their search team. The plan incorporated us both managing their clients and training their internal team to become proficient at organic search. We provided our complete site audit, a 50+ page document that incorporated a ton of hands-on training with our analysts and reports from a combination of tools that we licensed. It was a fair quote… but then came

What does a Digital Marketer Do?

Let’s just open by stating that I had this guy’s job below, heh. As a digital marketer, we’re rotating through all of our clients on a weekly basis, analyzing their performance, making adjustments, researching, planning and executing multi-channel campaigns. We’re utilizing tools much more than this infographic describes – from communication, to publishing, to development and analysis tools. IMO, most marketers work in the area they are most comfortable in. It’s not a coincidence that

The Anatomy of a Marketing Executive

We shared an infographic, The New Role of Chief Marketing Technology Officer, a while back that spoke to the recognition that marketing executives needed to be technically savvy as well as have marketing talent. This infographic is a bit more traditional in its approach of what it takes to be a marketing executive. While I don’t disagree with any of the recommendations below, I was surprised that technology appeared to not make the grade. With

We vs. You! Are you Tuned In?

After reading quite a bit of Tuned In, I was really intrigued by one of the questions posed by the team at Pragmatic Marketing. Is your website talking about your company or is it talking about your customers? Though it’s important to justify your authority in your space, it’s much more important for you to speak to what you’ve achieved for your customers. I posed the question on Twitter and it got some attention from