How to Deploy a Successful Marketing Automation Strategy

How do you deploy a successful marketing automation strategy? For many businesses, this is the million (or more) dollar question. And it’s an excellent question to be asking. However, first you must ask, what classifies as a successful marketing automation strategy? What is a Successful Marketing Automation Strategy? It starts with a goal or set of goals. There are a few key goals that help you clearly measure successful use of marketing automation. They include:

How Leads are Generated through Marketing Automation

We’ve written in-depth about marketing automation strategies, what features are critical, and the challenges with executing those strategies to drive leads. The goal of marketing automation is to bridge a critical gap between sales and marketing, ultimately driving great leads to the sales department at the right time. This helps to improve the lead quality as well as reduce the effort needed to close the sale. Ultimately this increases the number of leads, the value