You’re Probably Spending More Time Managing Data Than Marketing

Yesterday, I shared how we batch loaded an entire year of social updates viaHootsuite . While quite a bit of work went into the research, our team spent quite a few hours just massaging the data and making it a file that could be uploaded. Even after we passed all validation checks, we had to then manually go through and select or add media to display in each social update. It took several hours to

5 Reasons Marketers are Investing More in Customer Loyalty Programs

CrowdTwist, a customer loyalty solution, and Brand Innovators surveyed 234 digital marketers at Fortune 500 brands to discover how consumer interactions intersect with loyalty programs. They’ve produced this infographic, the Loyalty Landscape, so marketers could learn how loyalty fits into the overall marketing strategy of an organization. Why are Marketers Investing More in Customer Loyalty Programs? Drive Engagement – whether you’re B2B or B2C, ensuring customers are engaged and successful utilizing your products or services will

Is Your Marketing is Suffering from Fragmentation, Disappointment and Lack of Organization?

You probably answered yes… and ours is a challenge as well. Lack of organization, fragmentation and disappointment are key themes stemming from the findings of the Cross-Channel Marketing and Technology Survey, released by Signal (formerly BrightTag). The results of the study highlight the fact that marketers largely do not feel that ad tech is helping them achieve the seamless cross-channel marketing that consumers are expecting from brands today. Signal surveyed 281 brand and agency marketers,

Key Findings on How Marketers Optimize Social Content

Software Advice partnered with Adobe to create the first-ever Social Media Content Optimization Survey. Key findings include: Most marketers (84 percent) routinely post on at least three social media networks, with 70 percent posting at least once a day. Marketers most commonly cited the use of visual content, hashtags and usernames as important tactics for optimizing social media content. Over half (57 percent) use software tools to manage posting, and these respondents experienced less difficulty

The State of Content Marketing 2014

Have you wondered what other digital marketers are accomplishing when it comes to content marketing strategies, including blogging, production, sharing, and measurement? Along with LookBook HQ, Oracle Eloqua has illustrated how digital marketers are responding to the demands of content strategies in this infographic. We sought to benchmark content marketing with specific insight into earned, owned, and paid media strategies— what policies marketers are following—as well as how content is mapped along the buyer journey,

2013 Digital Marketing Pulse Study

We’re getting crushed. Lack of expertise and training, misaligned organizational structures and processes, and ingrained legacy practices are crippling marketers nowadays. The tools and technologies are evolving and emerging every single week – but it’s not enough. This is a key reason why we started DK New Media… our clients simply need the boost to help them move forward and more effectively apply their marketing budget across strategies. The insights in this article were sourced