MarketSnare: Local Visibility for National Enterprise

I’ve been a long-time fan of the folks at Cirrus ABS. They’ve now released, MarketSnare, a unique web solution that helps you amplify your local marketing presence! Use this digital tool to create, manage and localize your brand and marketing through a network of local websites – all using one central interface. MarketSnare enables any organization that has multiple locations to have individual websites for each of its locales. The solution can be applied just

Who’s Your Search Engine Marketing Villain?

It doesn’t matter how much initial education you put into a new engagement, a Search Engine Marketing Villain will pop up when you least expect.  I have identified a short list of the Villains that we, at EverEffect, seem to come across when engaging new prospects. Can you relate to any of these? Lack of Goals – Don’t Tell How Much You Want to Spend, Tell Me How Much You Want to Make In every