3 Reasons Sales Teams Fail Without Analytics

The traditional image of a successful salesperson is someone who sets off (probably with a fedora and briefcase), armed with charisma, persuasiveness, and a belief in what they are selling. While amiability and charm certainly play a role in sales today, analytics has emerged as the most important tool in any sales team’s box. Data is at the core of the modern sales process. Making the most out of data means extracting the right insights

Me-Commerce and Retail’s Future

Retail is changing rapidly – both online and offline. Traditionally, retail establishments have always had low profit margins and high volume to produce the business results they needed to survive. We’re seeing rapid turnover in retail nowadays where technology is accelerating growth and increasing efficiency. Retail establishments that aren’t taking advantage are dying… but retailers that are leveraging technology are owning the market. Demographic shifts, the tech revolution, and the consumer demand for more personalized

Wealthy Customers Want Social Customer Care

A key social media marketing strategy must incorporate customer service. Many companies differentiate the two, but your customers don’t have any such separation. Once you’re social, they’re going to utilize this channel for questions, comments and complaints. The good news is that you can really show of your customer service skills in public, thereby marketing how well you do it with prospects. What companies may not realize is that it’s your customers with the largest

Five Digital Trends Shaking Up Europe

Big data, multi-channel, mobile and social media are all impacting online buying behaviors. While this infographic is focused on Europe, the rest of the world isn’t too different. Big data is helping ecommerce providers predict purchase behavior and helping to present product offerings across channels – increasing conversion rates and upselling consumers. A McKinsey iConsumer survey spotlights 5 key digital consumption trends in e-commerce, mobile, multichannel, social media, and big data. The difficult part, of