Taking Your Site International with Search

We’ve had the challenge and fun of working with a few clients on tips to take their site international when it comes to SEO. We also have other clients who don’t want to rank internationally but get a ton of international traffic. Getting a search engine like Google to understand your intent for localization or internationalization isn’t as easy as setting the target country up in Webmasters… it takes a lot more work. Distilled is

Google Ads Policy – Follow Those Rules!

Have your text ads been disapproved for editorial or trademark violations? If you did everything correctly, why are you getting yelled at by Google? AdWords never immediately informs you, too many text ads to review at one time. They have their algorithms that will detect your text ad if you have violated their policy. The detection is always after the fact and with not much information on why. Very frustrating! Of course you receive a

Who’s Your Search Engine Marketing Villain?

It doesn’t matter how much initial education you put into a new engagement, a Search Engine Marketing Villain will pop up when you least expect.  I have identified a short list of the Villains that we, at EverEffect, seem to come across when engaging new prospects. Can you relate to any of these? Lack of Goals – Don’t Tell How Much You Want to Spend, Tell Me How Much You Want to Make In every

For Businesses, New Media Is NOT Easy

Social media is easy. Search engine optimization is easy. Blogging is easy. Stop saying it. It’s not true. Technology is daunting. Conventional companies struggle with leveraging technology and newer channels to get positive results. Many abandon or avoid it altogether. Online, search and social media is no less daunting. Twitter is simple, right? How hard is it to type 140 characters? It’s not… unless you are tied up at work with a number of other

Video: Content versus Backlinks

A lot of folks spend and sell their time on the optimization of their website, and wind up scratching their heads when another site has greater ranking but isn’t optimized. It’s because optimizing the content is only half the battle, it’s getting the attention of other sites that really pushes your site up the Search Results. The search engine’s job is to provide relevant results. If a lot of other well-respected sites point to you