How to Improve Engagement at Your Next Conference

This infographic from The Europe Hotel & Resort, a five star luxury hotel in Ireland, provides some an overview of trends in MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions): Technology dependence at events continues to evolve with QR codes for convenient registration and checking in, Event Mobile Apps for accessing content and networking, Video Conferencing to enable remote meetings with the home office, and 360-degree video for both live and recorded activity that can be accessed

MeetingHero: An App for Meeting Productivity

Marketers have meetings all the time as do agencies… meetings are the lifeblood of ideation and planning. But meetings can be terribly unproductive as well. While many people want meetings all the time, I often resist. Meetings are taxing and expensive. Sometimes fear spurs a meeting where people just want to cover their butt. Other times, meetings produce a ton more work even though you’re not completed yet. I recently wrote a post asking, Is

Meetings – The Death of American Productivity

Why do meetings suck? What steps can you take to make meetings productive? I’ve tried to answer all those questions in this humorous (yet honest) presentation on meetings. This is an enhanced view of the presentation I did in person. This presentation on Meetings has been coming for a while, I’ve written about meetings and productivity in the past. I’ve attended a ton of meetings, and a majority of them have been a terrible waste

About Your Next Meeting

I’ve been thinking a lot about meetings recently. Seth’s post on annual company events inspired me to begin formulating this post. As a person with a business of one employee, I’ve got to be absolutely careful of how many meetings I attend that are non-revenue generating. Each day, I am invited to a meeting – typically a cup of coffee or a lunch. Much of the time, they’re professional relationships or even leads so it’s

Blogging is not Enough, “Press the Flesh”!

This is a phrase I’m growing tired of – quickly – during this presidential candidacy. I’m not sure who penned the original term but I’ve seen it used widely this season. Most recently, the governor of West Virginia used the term to discuss why Barack Obama lost West Virginia in a landslide to Hillary Clinton. He’s trying to defend the opposition view that West Virginia still has race issues and Obama lost it simply because

10 Rules for Worthy Meetings

Some folks scratch their head when I’m late for a meeting or why I decline their meetings. They think it’s rude that I might show up late… or not show up at all. What they never recognize is that I’m never late for a worthy meeting. I think it’s rude that they held the meeting or invited me in the first place. Worthy meetings are called when needed. Worthy meetings are not scheduled out for