Vibenomics: Personalized, Location-Based Music and Messaging

Prime Car Wash CEO Brent Oakley had a problem. His premium car washes were a hit, but while his customers were waiting on thier car, no one was engaging them on the new products and services they had to offer. He created a platform where he could record personalized, location-based messages and music to his customers. And it worked. When he began promoting windshield washer replacements via the in-store radio, he sold more wipers in

Mobile Gaming Marketing at a Glance, the Best Learnings from Operators

A decade in and smartphones have well and truly taken over. Data shows that by 2018, there will be 2.53 billion smartphone users around the world. The average user has 27 apps on their device. How do businesses cut through the noise when there is so much competition? The answer lies in a data-led approach to app marketing and understanding the learnings from mobile marketers who are killing it in their fields. The gaming sector,

The Art and Science of Content Marketing

While much of what we write for companies are thought leadership pieces, answering frequently asked questions, and customer stories – one type of content stands out. Whether it’s a blog post, an infographic, a whitepaper or even a video, the best performing content tells a story that’s explained or illustrated well, and supported by research. This infographic from Kapost really pulls together what performs best and it’s a great example of… a combination of art