We’re Proof that Interest in Marketing Technology is Growing!

Our audience is growing. Not a little bit as it’s done gradually the last decade. It’s growing every single month as more and more companies are overwhelmed with the decisions that need made with regard to marketing technology. Martech Zone has grown its reach almost 40% year over year… averaging over 100,000 visits monthly along with ~75,000 email subscribers (now that we’re on CircuPress – the email platform we built for WordPress). Our Twitter, Facebook,

West vs Midwest Round II

PREAMBLE Last week, I was on a panel at The Combine – 2010 called Go West: Former Midwesterners that have moved to the Silicon Valley share their stories. I was one of four people discussing our personal stories and it set off a firestorm on Twitter and went Cat 4 when Doug Karr posted his reactions when he recapped the Combine 2010 here. All these feelings were entirely justified given the shallow nature of the format, which is