Reasons Why People Abandon Shopping Carts

You’re never going to attain 100% of sales after someone adds the product to your shopping cart, but there’s no doubt that it’s a gap where revenue is slipping through. There are strategies to draw folks back in… remarketing is one of them. Remarketing campaigns follow people after they abandon the shopping cart and remarket advertisements to them as they visit other sites. The return is typically nice on remarketing campaigns. However, that’s after they’ve

Impact of Online Reviews

We recently started working with Angie’s List and it’s already been an eye opener to us how many businesses get leads through their ratings, reviews and deals. For local businesses that provide their customers with great service, the paid reviews at Angie’s List are pure revenue. According to the Small business Search Marketing Survey by American Express OPEN, U.S. small businesses can still count on word-of-mouth as a top way for shoppers to find them.

Local Shopping Tips for the Holiday Season

We posted about Milo, an acquisition of eBay. Milo’s goal is to have every product on every shelf in every story available on the web. And they’re already pushing retail outlets this holiday season! There are some great tips here and opportunities for retail outlets to supplement their instore sales by driving traffic to their store from online. Sounds like it’s time to warm up the Jingle Bells and the Gingerbread cookies, and begin driving

Publish Your Retail Inventory Online with Milo

Last week I spoke with Rob Eroh, who runs the product and engineering teams at Milo. Milo is a local shopping search engine that’s integrated directly to the retailer’s Point of Sale (POS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This allows Milo to be the most accurate search engine when it comes to identifying items in inventory in your region. Milo’s goal is to have every product on every shelf in every story on the web…

I’m Leaving A Great Job and Heading for Social Media

The last year that I’ve spent with Patronpath has been an incredible roller coaster ride. The company is in a tremendous growth spurt and hugely successful! We won the Techpoint Mira award. We completed development of 4 POS integrations – Micros, POSitouch, Comtrex and Aloha. We redeveloped the user interface to maximize conversions for our clients. We added redundancy and security features to the application. We even threw in a Restaurant Location site for our