UpSnap: Affordable Mobile, Local, and Geographically Targeted Advertising

UpSnap offers a mobile advertising network offering more than one billion impressions per month. And through their partnerships with some of the biggest sites, they are able to display ads on third-party networks at a rate of more than 100 billion impressions monthly. UpSnap enables you to target customers who are near your business. Once your campaign goes live, UpSnap will display your mobile ad to customers within a five-mile radius. Targeting expands outward based

Real-Time Mobile Ads by Zapp360

Zapp360 is innovating the way in which mobile advertisements are delivered to consumers in terms of the design and relevancy. Traditional mobile advertising mainly consists of companies simply re-using desktop browser advertisements – poorly designed, untargeted and don’t take into account how users engage with small screens. Mobile advertising is a $14.3 billion industry and all the predictions are that it will continue growing, but this won’t happen until the end user experience is put

MassiveImpact: A Cost Per Action Mobile Ad Network

Views, impressions, clicks… I seriously wonder why we still measure and advertise based on these metrics. MassiveImpact is a mobile ad network reaching more than 1 billion mobile internet users from 190 countries and they don’t. They use CPA, or cost per action, to determine their ad pricing. That’s right… you only pay when there’s an actual conversion! This means that your return on investment is guaranteed. MassiveImpact offers a 2-tier mobile advertising model, using