A Checklist for Building and Marketing Your Mobile Application

Mobile application users are often deeply engaged, read multiple articles, listen to podcasts, view videos, and interact with other users. It’s not easy to develop a mobile experience that works, though! 10-Step Checklist to Build & Market a Successful App details the necessary course of action – step-by-step from app concept to launch – to help apps reach their full potential. Serving as a business model for developers and creative hopefuls, the infographic is composed

App Press: The Mobile App Designer for Designers

App Press was developed to bridge the knowledge gap between graphic designers and developers. As a designer, founder Grant Glas wanted to build apps code free. As a developer, Kevin Smith wrote the solution. They created 32 apps utilizing an early version of App Press and since launching, 3,000+ users have created apps on their platform. App Press was created to look just like Photoshop and function like Keynote. This allows any designer to jump

Designing the Perfect Mobile Application

On our next radio show we’ll be discussing the Starbucks Mobile application which garnered the 2012 Mobile Marketer of the Year Award. In my opinion, it’s truly a great mobile application that bridges the marketing gap between online and in-store purchasing. Features that make the app so successful Usability – the application has a primary navigation bar across the bottom as well as a home screen that clearly displays sections of the app based on