Top Factors For Effective Mobile App Push Notification Engagement

Gone are the times when producing great content was enough. Editorial teams now have to think about their distribution efficiency, and audience engagement makes the headlines. How can a media app get (and keep) its users engaged? How do your metrics compare with the industry averages? Pushwoosh has analyzed push notification campaigns of 104 active news outlets and is ready to give you answers. What Are The Most Engaged Media Apps? From what we’ve observed at Pushwoosh,

DeviceRank: The Cost of Mobile App Install and Engagement Fraud

Companies are investing a lot of money in mobile app development. Wherever the stakes are high, fraud seems to follow. According to a new report from DeviceRank, Mobile App install and engagement fraud will cost advertisers up to $350 million in 2016 AppsFlyer’s State of Mobile App Install & Engagement Fraud is based on the company’s DeviceRank™ technology – the industry’s first fraud prevention solution to identify and exclude fraud at the device level –and covers 500 million A Codeless Mobile Engagement Platform

Insert was created to help marketers and app owners overcome the time it takes an app-related idea to get from the whiteboard to the user’s device. The platform offers a broad set of must-have features – inserts – which can be launched into any iOS and Android live app in minutes, with no development effort. Inserts are pre-built features and tools for onboarding, communication, conversion, user acquisition, UI modification and other engagement practices. App owners