How To Create A Marketing Strategy To Maximize Your Mobile App Adoption?

Are you looking into releasing the greatest app of all time to the world? Okay, we believe you, but first look into these tips on how you can position it so that it can get successful. A cool app isn’t the only thing that gets you success, but also a good marketing strategy and good reviews. Keep on reading to find out how you can have the next Candy Crush of this generation: Be in

Look Up, Track and Improve Your Mobile App Ranking

It always amazes me how many more platforms and applications there are that I’ve never heard of even though we’re constantly listening for the latest. After learning about Bunndle, I shared the platform with our sponsors at Mindjet. They have 3 fantastic applications – Mindjet, Mindjet Tasks and Conspire – their incredible publication. The CMO of Mindjet, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, let me know about SensorTower, a platform to help you track and optimize your mobile applications.