How To Create A Marketing Strategy To Maximize Your Mobile App Adoption?

Are you looking into releasing the greatest app of all time to the world? Okay, we believe you, but first look into these tips on how you can position it so that it can get successful. A cool app isn’t the only thing that gets you success, but also a good marketing strategy and good reviews. Keep on reading to find out how you can have the next Candy Crush of this generation: Be in

A Checklist for Building and Marketing Your Mobile Application

We love our mobile application (iOS, Android)… not just because it’s really great at presenting our content but because our audience has such incredible engagement with it. Our mobile application users are deeply engaged, reading multiple articles, listening to our podcasts, and viewing our videos. It wasn’t easy, though! We didn’t have a checklist to build out the application nor how to market it. Thankfully, the folks at Dot Com Infoway have put together just