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  • Sales EnablementSalonist Spa and Salon Management and Appointment setting

    Salonist Spa and Salon Management Platform: Appointments, Inventory, Marketing, Payroll, and More

    Salonist is a salon software that helps spa and salons manage payroll, billing, engaging your clients, and execute marketing strategies. Appointment Setting for Spas and Salons Features include: Online Booking – Using the smart Salonist Online booking software, your customers can schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments anywhere they are. We have both website and app capabilities that can be integrated…

  • Mobile and Tablet MarketingLumavate Progressive Web App Builder

    Lumavate: A Low-Code Mobile App Platform for Marketers

    If you’ve not heard the term Progressive Web App, it’s a technology that you should be paying attention to. Imagine a world that sits between a typical website and a mobile application. Your company may wish to have a robust, feature rich application that’s more engaging than a website… but would like to forego the expense and complexity of building…

  • Ecommerce and RetailMobile Commerce and Digital Wallets

    How to Improve Mobile Conversion Rates With Digital Wallets

    Mobile conversion rates represent the percentage of people who opted into using your mobile app/ mobile-optimized website, out of the total number of those who were offered to. This number will tell you how good your mobile campaign is and, with attention to details, what needs to be improved. Many otherwise successful e-commerce retailers see their profits plummet when it comes to mobile users.…

  • Mobile and Tablet MarketingMobile App Development

    The Trends Every Mobile App Developer Needs to Know for 2020

    Wherever you look, it is clear that mobile technology has become integrated into society. According to Allied Market Research, the global app market size reached $106.27 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $407.31 billion by 2026. The value that an app brings to businesses cannot be understated. As the mobile market continues to grow, the importance of companies engaging…

  • Content MarketingMobile Application Development

    Here Are 6 Ways That Mobile Apps Help in Business Growth

    As mobile native frameworks decrease development time and drive down development costs, mobile applications are becoming a must-have for many companies to drive innovation. Building your own mobile application isn’t at all costly and unwieldy as it was just a couple of years ago. Fueling the industry are app development companies with different specialty center and certifications,  all aggressive in…

  • Content MarketingDesktop to Mobile Migration

    How to Make the Most of Your Desktop to Mobile Migration

    In the rush to embrace mobile, it’s easy for businesses to neglect their desktop sites, but most conversions still happen via this method, so it is not advisable to disregard your desktop site completely. The best scenario is to have sites for multiple platforms; after that, it’s a matter of deciding whether you want a standalone mobile site, a responsive…

  • Mobile and Tablet Marketingmtb iphone v3

    The Best Marketing Mobile Application! Version 3

    The incredible team at Postano has done it again, surpassing all of my expectations of a great mobile application with Version 3 of Martech. I believe it’s the best Marketing iPhone App out there (Android coming)! First up is the very slick redesign that incorporates a Facebook-like left navigation. It makes it simple to scroll and select the category or…

  • Analytics & Testingcountly cloud

    Countly Analytics for Mobile Application Developers

    If you’re a mobile application developer or your company has multiple mobile applications, traditional analytics doesn’t quite cut it. Download behavior, store performance and usage behavior is key data that can help you significantly increase sales or downloads, as well as user interaction. People have come to expect a different experience when they are interacting on a mobile device… and…

  • Marketing & Sales VideosAdobe PhoneGap

    PhoneGap: Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

    If you’ve had any experience developing in multiple languages, aside from objective C, you’ll probably get the same reaction that this guy did: I bought the book and read it, watched the movies, installed the IDE and I still can’t bluff my way into an app that simply states, “Hello World!”. Thank goodness that there are some incredibly intelligent developers…

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