Music and the Mobile Future

We don’t speak to much about the music industry here on the marketing technology blog but its, perhaps, one of the greatest examples of changing customer behavior. We moved from music media to music devices… and now we’re moving from devices to streaming. I’ve pretty much abandoned iTunes altogether and now use Spotify for everything. Discovery happens through my social networks and via Spotify radio that combines like music tastes to feed me new tunes.

How much does your company charge?

There’s only one Wal-mart. Wal-mart is a company that only has one value proposition: cheap prices. It works with Wal-mart because they can sell the identical product cheaper than the next retail outlet. You’re not Wal-mart. You can’t go to work to figure out how to lower prices every day. Nor should you. Your company is unique and has what no other company has to offer. Your marketing goal should be to distinguish yourself amongst