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  • Content MarketingTumult Hype: Animate HTML5

    Tumult Hype: Create and Animate Engaging User Experiences with HTML5 for OSX

    HTML5 has revolutionized the web development landscape with its rich set of features and capabilities, and one area where it truly shines is animation. With HTML5, web developers can create stunning animations that enhance user experiences on websites and web applications. In this article, we’ll explore HTML5’s animation capabilities and the kinds of user experiences that can be created using…

  • Artificial IntelligenceMotion Video Technologies

    6 Technologies That Have Evolved Motion Video And Made Cinema Quality Available To Everyone

    Motion video has undergone a remarkable transformation driven by technological advancements. This evolution is particularly relevant for marketers and businesses seeking to amplify their online presence. The integration of cutting-edge technology like drones, 4K smartphones, advanced lenses, and lighting technology has redefined the landscape of video content creation. Major Advancements in Motion Video Drone Technology: Drones have revolutionized aerial videography,…

  • Analytics & TestingWhat is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO Statistics for 2023)

    What Is Conversion Rate Optimization? LIFT Model and CRO Statistics for 2023

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a practice centered around improving a website’s or digital platform’s performance. Its primary goal is to increase the percentage of visitors who take a desired action, such as purchasing, signing up for a service, or any other valuable interaction. What is a Conversion Rate? A conversion rate is a key metric in online marketing and…

  • Analytics & TestingVisual Web Optimizer - A/B Testing and Experimentation Platform (VWO)

    Visual Website Optimizer: Increase Sales and Conversions Through A/B Testing And Experimentation

    A/B testing is an essential tool in the modern business toolkit. It allows companies to compare two versions of a webpage or other user experience to determine which performs better. The process involves showing the two variants, A and B, to similar visitors at the same time. The one that gives a better conversion rate wins. Benefits Experimentation While many…

  • Advertising TechnologyHow To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Site

    12 Ways To Drive Quality Traffic To Your E-commerce Website

    Most businesses and industries today are subjected to change and the eCommerce industry is not an exception. Since the advent of modern business practices and path-breaking technology, the industry has to be prepared to evolve to stay relevant.  So why is quality traffic important? Traffic is one of the key indicators of business growth and performance. Attracting your existing audience…

  • Search Marketing
    Factors for Site Page Load Speed

    The Factors That Impact How Quickly Your Page Loads On Your Website

    We were meeting with a prospective client today and were discussing what impacts website load speed. There’s quite a battle going on on the Internet right now: Visitors are demanding rich visual experiences – even on higher-pixel retina displays. This is driving larger images and higher resolutions which are bloating image sizes. Search engines are demanding ultra-fast pages that have…

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