10 Tips For Designing A Real Estate Website That Drives Potential Buyers and Sellers To Engage

Buying a building, home, or condo is an important investment… and often only happens once in a lifetime. Real estate buying decisions are motivated by a host of sometimes contradictory emotions – so there’s a lot that needs to be considered when designing a real estate website that helps them along the purchase journey. Your role, as an agent or real estate broker, is to understand the emotions while guiding them towards a rational and

Marketing Real Estate Online has Evolved

The Real Estate industry has undergone some huge changes thanks to a housing bubble (predicted here), technology changes, and further domination of search online. The bubble as well as the rise and incredibly deep fall of the mortgage market has forced real estate agents to be more cautious with their marketing investments. Technology has changed as well, though. Mobile integration and online technologies offer systems that offer real estate agents robust applications, including virtual real