Mobile Marketing in the Retail Industry

Mobile and retailing continues to offer a ton of opportunity for retailers to improve customer value and increase loyalty – ultimately driving sales. Simple strategies like SMS messaging have very impactful response rates. More advanced solutions like mobile applications can enhance the shopping experience for customers. Dynmark is a UK-based cloud mobile intelligence and messaging company. They’ve put together this infographic that provides some powerful statistics to support your retail marketing efforts through the use

Bob Prosen Launches Small Business Accelerator

A few years ago, I read and thoroughly enjoyed Kiss Theory Goodbye, a book from Bob Prosen that provides sound advice for businesses. Bob’s business leadership and management training programs have dramatically increased performance and profitability and changed the culture at Sabre, Hitachi, Sprint, AT&T and hundreds of small businesses across the nation. Bob’s consulting and training are now in high demand – here’s a recent segment from MSNBC: Everyone is always asking how to