Capture Yelp and Google Reviews from Apps Your Customers Use!

Not too long ago we had a fantastic interview with Daniel Lemin, the author of ManipuRATED: How Business Owners Can Fight Fraudulent Online Ratings and Reviews. He spoke to the importance of capturing reviews in order to have both fresh reviews and to combat any negative reviews that may occasionally arise. Is there a better time to capture a great review than just after a satisfied customer leaves your business? Probably not – so why not

Mobile First when Connecting to Customers

Yesterday we shared a detailed article on mobile checkout for credit card processing, how it works and the fees associated. This August, the CONNECT 2014 Mobile Innovation Summit will be held for retailers and restaurants to see the incredible advancements in technologies that are happening in the mobile space. Isis and the summit have released this infographic, showing the data that most Americans now own a smartphone, with a higher-than-average chunk of them in the