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  • Email Marketing & AutomationEmail Marketing Sequence Strategies

    3 Strategies for Email Marketing Sequences That Increase Conversion Rates

    If your inbound marketing were described as a funnel, I’d describe your email marketing as a container to capture the leads that fall through. Many people will visit your site and even engage with you, but perhaps it’s not time to actually convert. It’s only anecdotal, but I’ll describe my own patterns when researching a platform or shopping online: Pre-purchase…

  • Analytics & TestingClicktale Visual Editor

    Clicktale: Analytics Event Tracking in a Code-Free Environment

    ClickTale has been a pioneer in the analytics industry, providing behavioral data and clear visualizations that assist e-commerce and analytics professionals to pinpoint and improve on issues with their sites. ClickTale’s new Visual Editor provides another evolution, with a code-free means of integrating events throughout your site. Just point to your event element and define the event… ClickTale does the rest.…

  • Analytics & Testing
    monetate personalization

    Not Deploying a Personalized Experience Is Hurting You

    At this year’s IRCE in Chicago, I interviewed David Brussin, the founder of Monetate, and it was an enlightening conversation on the changing expectation of consumers and the experience they’re expecting from retailers both online and off. The case for personalization is growing stronger and may have just reached a tipping point. Monetate’s recent Ecommerce Quarterly report is showing that…

  • Email Marketing & Automationmass marketing versus personalization

    Mass Marketing Versus Personalization

    If you’ve been a reader of my work, you know that I’m an opponent of the versus analogy in marketing. It’s often, as in the case of personalization, not a choice of what strategy to use, but when to use each strategy. There’s some irony in the fact that this infographic is mass marketing… but pushes for improved personalization. Both…

  • Ecommerce and RetailFlash Sales: Tips and Best Practices for Ecommerce

    Flash Sales: An Effective E-commerce Tool For Driving Significant Revenue

    What is a flash sale? A flash sale is a steeply discounted offer that has a quick expiration. E-commerce providers drive many more sales by offering daily flash sales on their sites. Consumers wind up returning daily to see what the deal is… purchasing more items more often. But do they work? Familiar brands with loyal customers can no longer…

  • Ecommerce and Retailcost website testing

    Costs of Website Testing

    Monetate has put out an informative infographic on what to think about and how to justify the expense of a website testing tool. It’s a comprehensive look at the challenges, costs, impact, direct costs, indirect costs and opportunities that website testing can provide. The near century-old financial estimate known as Total Cost of Ownership (TC)) can help determine direct and…

  • Content Marketingwebsite testing

    Website Testing Beyond the Landing Page

    We’ve already posted a landing page best practices infographic that drew a lot of attention. This infographic from Monetate, Website Testing: Move Beyond the Landing Page, really takes it up a notch… providing input on other pages to test, elements to test, audience to test for, testing solutions and considerations when purchasing a testing solution. Smart marketers understand the value…

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