DMP Integration: Data-Driven Business for Publishers

Reading Time: 6 minutes The radical reduction in the availability of third-party data means fewer possibilities for behavioral targeting and a drop in advertising revenues for many media owners. To offset the losses, publishers need to think of new ways to approach user data. Hiring the data management platform can be a way out. Within the next two years, the advertising market will phase out third-party cookies, which will alter the traditional model of targeting users, managing ad spaces,

13 Ways that Content Is Monetized Online

Reading Time: 5 minutes A good friend contacted me this week and said that he had a relative that had a site that was getting significant traffic and they wanted to see if there were a means of monetizing the audience. The short answer is yes… but I don’t believe the majority of small publishers recognize the opportunity or how to maximize the profitability of the property they own. I want to start with the pennies… then work into

PRISM: A Framework to Improve Your Social Media Conversions

Reading Time: 3 minutes The reality is that you typically don’t sell on social media channels but you can generate sales from social media if you implement a full end to end process. Our PRISM 5 step framework is a process you can use to improve social media conversion. In this article we’re going to outline the 5 step framework and step through example tools you can use for each step of the process. Here’s PRISM: To build your PRISM you

Hey Valley Boys, Remember ChaCha?

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’ve been reading my blog for long, you’d know that my opinion of ChaCha has had ups and downs. ChaCha is now a client (there’s my disclosure) so I’ve been taking a deeper look… and it’s looking good. Don’t take my word for it! The entire tech community, including the insiders at TechCrunch (the guys that love to hate ChaCha) and Mashable (echo… echo… ) have been blind to the fact that, in the

Google Adsense Now Monetizing my Feed

Reading Time: < 1 minute For quite some time I ran affiliate marketing ads in my feed using the PostPost plugin I developed for WordPress and Commission Junction advertisements. It wasn’t really a source of any significant revenue, though, perhaps a few dollars a month. This week, I applied with Google Adsense to convert my feed from Feedburner to Google. The process to do this is still manual, but fear not, you won’t lose a single subscriber in the process.