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  • Search MarketingSEO Automation List, Taks, and Resources

    What Search Engine Optimization Tasks Can You Automate?

    The digital marketing arena is witnessing an unprecedented complexity in search engine optimization (SEO) driven by the emergence of diverse search features like local search, map packs, intricate schema markup, ranking factor changes, the expansive knowledge graph, and the dynamic nature of search algorithms. These advancements represent a double-edged sword: they provide sophisticated ways to enhance visibility and user engagement…

  • Analytics & TestingSupermetrics - export marketing data automatically

    Supermetrics: Automate Extracting Your Data From Virtually Any Marketing Platform

    It’s an unfortunate truth but a vast majority of SaaS providers don’t have a comprehensive reporting solution and/or lack the capabilities to extract or migrate the marketing data. As marketers struggle to coordinate their marketing strategies across a stack of solutions, they need a tool that can pull the necessary data so they can analyze across mediums and channels. Supermetrics…

  • Analytics & TestingBuzzSumo - Content Engagement and Performance Monitoring

    BuzzSumo: Research Content Engagement and Performance by Topic, Domain, And Influencer

    If you’re a long-time reader of Martech Zone, you know that I’m a huge advocate of building a high-quality content library of articles. The tired and old strategy of mass producing tons of average content isn’t worth the investment. I believe frequent and plentiful average content publishing will hurt your site’s overall performance. As a consultant, I see it every…

  • Content MarketingMoz Local: Listings Management, Reputation Management, and Offers

    Moz Local: Maximize Your Local Online Presence Through Listing, Reputation, and Offer Management

    As a majority of people learn about and find local businesses online, a robust online presence is essential. Accurate information about the business, good quality photos, the latest updates, and responses to reviews help people learn more about your business and often determine whether they choose to purchase from you or your competitor. Listing management, when combined with reputation management, can help local…

  • Content Marketing

    Why Only 20% of Readers are Clicking Through on Your Article Title

    Headlines, post titles, titles, headings… whatever you want to call them, they’re the most important factor in every piece of content you deliver. How important? According to this Quicksprout infographic, while 80% of people read a headline, only 20% of the audience actually clicks. Title tags are critical to search engine optimization and headlines are essential to getting your content…

  • Content Marketinglocal seo restaurant

    Attention Shoppers: Retail Earns More Reviews than Restaurants on Yelp

    You hear TripAdvisor, you think hotels. You hear Healthgrades, you think doctors. You hear Yelp, and chances are good that you think restaurants. That’s exactly why it comes as a surprise to many local business owners and marketers to read Yelp’s own statistic which states that, of the 115 million consumer reviews Yelpers have left since launch, 22% relate to…

  • Marketing Tools
    event seo

    5 Ways Your Event Calendar Can Enhance SEO

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is an endless battle.  On one hand, you have marketers seeking to optimize their web pages to improve placement in search engine rankings. On the other hand, you have search engine giants (like Google) continually changing their algorithms to accommodate new, unknown metrics and make for a better, more navigable and personalized web. Some of the…

  • Search Marketinglocal seo

    4 Mistakes Businesses Are Making that Hurt Local SEO

    Major changes are underway in local search, including Google’s placement of 3 ads up top pushing down their local packs and the announcement that local packs may soon include a paid entry. Additionally, narrowed mobile displays, the proliferation of apps, and voice search are all contributing to increased competition for visibility, pointing to a local search future in which a…

  • Content Marketing

    The 4 P’s of Modern Search Engine Optimization

    The SEO world is shaking a bit at the news that Moz is cutting its staff in half. They state that they’re doubling down with a renewed focus on search. They’ve been a pioneer and essential partner in the SEO industry for years now. My outlook isn’t optimistic for the Organic Search industry, and I’m not sure it’s where Moz…

  • Search Marketing
    www versus non-www redirect and seo

    Finally, It’s Time to Retire Your WWW

    Sites like ours that have been around for a decade accumulated SEO rank on pages that have sustained incredible traffic. As with most sites, our domain was displayed and started with www. In recent years, the www has become less prominent on sites… but we kept ours because that subdomain had so much authority with search engines. Until now! Moz…

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