How Data Onboarding is Helping Multi-Channel Marketing

Your customers are visiting you – from their mobile device, from their tablet, from their work tablet, from their home desktop. They connect with you via social media, email, on your mobile application, via your website and in your business location. The problem is that, unless you’re requiring a central login from every source, your data and tracking are fractured throughout different analytics and marketing platforms. In each platform, you’re looking at an incomplete view

How to Find New Marketing Channels

“It was a really cool place to hang out until everyone else started going there.” This is a common complaint among hipsters. Marketers share their frustration; that is, if you replace the word “cool” with the word “profitable.” A great marketing channel can lose its luster over time. New advertisers take attention away from your message. Rising costs make the investment less lucrative. Regular users get bored and move on to greener pastures. To keep

Five Digital Trends Shaking Up Europe

Big data, multi-channel, mobile and social media are all impacting online buying behaviors. While this infographic is focused on Europe, the rest of the world isn’t too different. Big data is helping ecommerce providers predict purchase behavior and helping to present product offerings across channels – increasing conversion rates and upselling consumers. A McKinsey iConsumer survey spotlights 5 key digital consumption trends in e-commerce, mobile, multichannel, social media, and big data. The difficult part, of

How Email Integrates Multi-Channel Marketing

In this day and age, marketing is multi-faceted. From blogs to social media to infographics to email, it is important that all of our messaging is consistent and integrated. We’ve found over the years that email is at the core of multi-channel marketing. We worked with our friends at Delivra to create this infographic about how email helps marketers consolidate and condense their marketing messaging. Did you know that 75% of social media users consider