WordPress Multi-Domain Login Loops

A while back, we implemented a multi-domain (not subdomain) installation of WordPress by enabling the multi-user features and installing a multi-domain plugin. Once we got everything working, one of the issues we ran into was a login loop when someone was trying to login to WordPress on one of the domains. Even more strange, it was happening on Firefox and Internet Explorer, but not Chrome. We tracked the issue down to the use of browser

How to get blog ideas using Google

As you may know, blogging is a great content marketing activity and can lead to improved search engine rankings, stronger credibility, and a better social media presence. However, one of the most difficult aspects of blogging can be getting ideas. Blog ideas can come from many sources, including customer interactions, current events, and industry news. However, another great way to get blog ideas is to simply use Google’s new instant results feature. The way to

Video: What Would Seth Do?

As I watch the growth of Compendium Blogware, it really does warm my heart that I played an early role (and continuing role as best I can) in a business that’s changing the behavior and landscape of how businesses communicate with their prospects and customers. Chris Baggott is an amazing evangelist for the medium and his company is a testament to the medium, the applications that enable this communication, and the broader appeal of putting

Expanding your Readership

Whether you’re a corporate blogger or just have your own blog, one of growth factors of your blog will depend on your ability to reach new readers who are not aware your blog exists. I do this through a number of techniques… in order of importance they are: Commenting on other blogs, especially when they are in the same industry. I find them through Google Alerts, Blogsearch on Google, and Technorati. I publish my RSS