VaultPress Keeps WordPress Safe

I’m sitting at the Automattic booth at Blog World Expo (siphoning power) and had a great conversation with the WordPress team regarding a number of projects we’ve worked on as well as discussing changes and challenges we’re running into with our clients. One of those concerns is security and backups. It’s strange that I’ve been in the WordPress community for a while, but still hear about programs and applications that have been around for years

Who’s Your Search Engine Marketing Villain?

It doesn’t matter how much initial education you put into a new engagement, a Search Engine Marketing Villain will pop up when you least expect.  I have identified a short list of the Villains that we, at EverEffect, seem to come across when engaging new prospects. Can you relate to any of these? Lack of Goals – Don’t Tell How Much You Want to Spend, Tell Me How Much You Want to Make In every

For Businesses, New Media Is NOT Easy

Social media is easy. Search engine optimization is easy. Blogging is easy. Stop saying it. It’s not true. Technology is daunting. Conventional companies struggle with leveraging technology and newer channels to get positive results. Many abandon or avoid it altogether. Online, search and social media is no less daunting. Twitter is simple, right? How hard is it to type 140 characters? It’s not… unless you are tied up at work with a number of other

SEO gets a bad rap… but not this one!

Click through for the following video: Perhaps the best part of this video is that the advice is fantastic – both detailed and accurate! I found a few more videos at Contract Worker, and there are even more videos at Chuck’s Youtube channel. As well, check out Chuck’s blog!