4 Mistakes Businesses Are Making that Hurt Local SEO

Major changes are underway in local search, including Google’s placement of 3 ads up top pushing down their local packs and the announcement that local packs may soon include a paid entry. Additionally, narrowed mobile displays, the proliferation of apps, and voice search are all contributing to increased competition for visibility, pointing to a local search future in which a combination of diversification and marketing brilliance will be bare necessities. And yet, many businesses will

If You’re in Sales or Marketing, Get Refresh Now!

It happens every week. I get an email from a vendor or prospect and we work together a date to talk. I check out their site and see whether or not it’s a fit. I might even connect with them on LinkedIn to learn a bit more about them. The date is set, the calendar invite is accepted and I move on. A few weeks go by and an alert pops up with a person.

Judge Name Ideas From Audience’s Perspective

When judging naming ideas, keep in mind the real world experience, not the pseudo-experience of creative presentations. Here’s the thing, when you say or show a name idea to someone with the intention of getting her buy-in or feedback, she doesn’t have the same experience that the consumer in the field will have. When you present the name ideas, your client or colleague is going to have her conscious, logical brain working. She’ll be thinking,

What’s in a Blog Name?

After reading Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, I decided to make some changes to my blog. Most notably, the name of the blog. My blog was simply “Douglas Karr” before, but I did some work on the name and selected On Influence and Automation. I wrote about it here. I’ve done some nice things with the site as well, utilizing graphics more prominently, a new header graphic with my smiling mug, and