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  • Advertising TechnologyAd Blocking, Ad Filtering, and Ad Blocking Recovery Strategies

    All You Need To Know About Ad Blocking, Ad Filtering, and Ad Recovery

    A recent visitor to my site contacted me and chuckled that he had to turn off his ad blocker to get to my content. The feature is built into my site, and I can disable it… but I won’t for a few reasons. My publication is both a passion and a hobby. I enjoy assisting others with the information or…

  • Advertising TechnologyWhat Is Native Advertising? Benefits, Examples, History, Disclosure

    What is Native Advertising?

    Native advertising is a form of paid advertising where the ad content seamlessly blends with the look, feel, and function of the platform on which it appears. The primary goal of native advertising is to provide relevant and valuable content to the target audience, without disrupting their browsing experience. Native ads often mimic the style and tone of editorial content,…

  • Advertising TechnologyBrax All-In-One Native Advertising Platform and Dashboard

    Brax: Create, Optimize, And Scale Your Native Advertising From A Single Dashboard

    Much of the complexity of working with Native Advertising networks is the difficulty of working across ad networks and their tools to measure, compare, create, optimize, and scale your native advertising. Brax: Manage Native Ads All In One Place Brax is a native advertising platform for bulk management, unified reporting, and rule-based goal optimization across sources. Brax streamlines content syndication…

  • Content MarketingOnline Marketing Terminology

    Online Marketing Terminology: The Basic Definitions

    Sometimes we forget how deep we are in the business and forget to just give someone an introduction to the basic terminology or acronyms that are floating around as we talk about online marketing. Lucky for you, Wrike has put together this Online Marketing 101 infographic that walks you through all of the basic marketing terminology you need to hold…

  • Advertising TechnologyNative Advertising

    Native Advertising In Content Marketing: 4 Tips And Tricks

    Content marketing is omnipresent and it’s getting increasingly difficult to turn prospects into full-time customers these days. A typical business can hardly achieve anything with paid promotion mechanisms, but it can successfully raise awareness and drive revenue using native advertising. This is not a new concept in the online realm, but too many brands still fail to exploit it to the…

  • Advertising TechnologyNative Advertising

    Native Advertising: A New Way of Promoting Your Products

    If you’ve been marketing your products for a long time with little in the way of positive results, then maybe it’s time you considered native advertising as a permanent solution to your problems. Native ads will help you, particularly when it comes to boosting your existing social media ads as well as driving highly targeted users to your content. But…

  • Advertising TechnologyArtificial Intelligence

    Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on PPC, Native, and Display Advertising

    This year I took on a couple of ambitious tasks. One was part of my professional development, to learn everything I could about artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing, and the other focused on annual native ad tech research, similar to what was presented here last year – the 2017 Native Advertising Technology Landscape. Little did I know at the time,…

  • Advertising Technology
    content advertising trends

    10 Content Trends Advertisers Cannot Afford to Ignore

    At MGID, we see thousands of ads and serve millions more of them every month. We track the performance of every ad we serve and work with advertisers and publishers to optimize the messages. Yes, we have secrets that we share only with customers. But, there are also big picture trends that we want to share with everyone interested in…

  • Advertising Technology
    spoutable native advertising

    Spoutable: Native Ads for Departing Visitors

    If you’re a publisher, monetization of your audience is always a challenge – especially if you’re on an information site. Display advertising notoriously underperforms when compared to other ad methods, so publishers lose out to highly targeted ads run on search and social. Native advertising has arrived as a means to drive revenue for publishers – but I’ve written before that…

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