GroupSolver: Leverage AI and NLP In Market Research

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’ve ever developed a survey and hoped to acquire quantitative and qualitative findings from the answers, you understand how difficult it is to word the questions. The verbiage, structure, and grammar you ask can lead to results that will lead your research astray. As a product manager, I ran into this a lot with focus groups. If I were testing a new user interface, asking for feedback could make the recipient scour the interface

Learn How to Increase Revenue By Harnessing The Awesome Power of Your Tiny Search Box

Reading Time: 6 minutes Search is the universal language. And the search box is the portal to all your answers. At home daydreaming about a new couch for your apartment? Google best sleeper couches for small apartments. At work trying to help a customer understand their subscription options? Search your intranet for the most up-to-date pricing and details to share with them.  At peak performance, search and browse boosts top and bottom line. Customers buy more and stay loyal,

Binary Fountain: Customer Experience and Reputation Management Platform

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’ve done any research on brand identity and customer experience, you’ve probably noticed the distinct connection customer ratings and reviews have on consumer engagement and local SEO efforts for companies. Today, a substantial majority of consumers rely heavily on customer sentiment (i.e., online customer ratings and review sites) to make an educated decision on whether to engage with a company. In fact, many consumers tend to reference sites such as Google, Facebook and Yelp to obtain a glimpse of the type

Einstein: How Salesforce’s AI Solution Can Drive Marketing and Sales Performance

Reading Time: 4 minutes Marketing departments are often understaffed and overworked – balancing time on moving data between systems, identifying opportunities, and deploying content and campaigns to increase awareness, engagement, acquisition, and retention. At times, though, I see companies struggling to keep up when there are real solutions out there that would reduce the resources necessary to increase overall effectiveness. Artificial intelligence is one of those technologies – and it’s already proving to provide real value to marketers as

Dell EMC World: 10 Terms Transforming Information Technology

Reading Time: 4 minutes Wow, what a couple weeks! If you’ve noticed I haven’t been writing as frequently, it’s because I made one heck of a trip out to Dell EMC World where Mark Schaefer and I had the honor of interviewing the leadership across Dell Technology companies for their Luminaries podcast. To put this conference into perspective, I walked 4.8 miles the first day and averaged 3 miles every day after… and that was with taking constant rests