A 4-Point Plan to Transform Your B2B Customers into Brand Evangelists

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you were spending an evening in a city you’d never visited before and had two restaurant recommendations, one from the hotel concierge and one from a friend, you’d probably follow your friend’s advice. We generally find the opinions of people we know and like more credible than a stranger’s recommendation — it’s just human nature.  That’s also why business-to-consumer (B2C) brands invest in influencer campaigns — friendly recommendations are an incredibly powerful advertising tool. It

Is Brand Loyalty Really Dead? Or is Customer Loyalty?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Whenever I talk about brand loyalty, I often share my own story when purchasing my cars. For over a decade, I was loyal to Ford. I loved the style, the quality, the durability, and the resale value of every car and truck I purchased from Ford. But that all changed about a decade ago when my car got a recall. Whenever the temperatures dropped below freezing and the humidity was high, my car doors would

Information Generation: Reaching Millennials with a Data-Driven Approach

Reading Time: 3 minutes According to a recent survey by Zillow, millennials spend more time researching, shopping around for the best option and comparing prices before making a purchase. And while this new era of the ultra-informed consumer represents a major shift for brands and companies, it also provides a golden opportunity. While many marketers have shifted their marketing mix to focus on digital activities, it is equally important to take advantage of the same treasure trove of data that today’s

Poor Customer Service is Hurting Your Marketing ROI

Reading Time: 2 minutes Jitbit, a help desk platform, has produced this infographic with statistics that clearly paint the picture the impact of poor customer service on a business. Companies continue to treat poor customer service as they did years ago… when customers used to only complain to the business or to a small circle of friends. But that’s not the reality of the world that we live in now. Poor customer service erodes your brand’s reputation online and