10 Brand Monitoring Tools That You Can Get Started With For Free

Marketing is such a vast area of knowledge that sometimes it can be overwhelming. It feels like you need to do a ridiculous amount of things at once: think through your marketing strategy, plan out content, keep an eye on SEO and social media marketing and so much more.  Luckily, there is always martech to help us. Marketing tools can take a load off our shoulders and automate the tedious or less exciting parts of

The World of Social Media Monitoring and Analytics

The first bit of data on this infographic is pretty fascinating… the growth of the analytics tool market. In my opinion, it points to a couple issues. First is that we’re all still seeking better tools to report and monitor on our marketing strategies and second is that we’re willing to apply a larger percentage of our marketing budget to ensure our strategies are working. As we use social media to connect with others, we

NetBase: Enterprise Social Intelligence Platform

NetBase, formerly Accelovation, is an enterprise social intelligence platform that allows market researchers to measure their social media engagement. The Net Base Monitoring Platform empowers marketers with real-time monitoring and measurement tools that provide instant and interactive insights into what drives customer opinions and behaviors. The NetBase Insight Workbench provides market researchers with a set of analytics, charts and research tools. Here’s an example of Netbase’s BrandPassion Index, used to determine competitive analysis of a