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Verify Your Email Marketing Lists Online: Why, How, and Where

Email marketing is a blood sport. In the last 20 years, the only thing that’s changed with email is that good email senders continue to get punished more and more by email service providers. While ISPs and ESPs could totally coordinate if they wanted to, they simply don’t. The result is that there’s an adversarial relationship between the two. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) block Email Service Providers (ESPs)… and then ESPs are forced to block clients. It’s not as simple as double opt-in in the industry. Sites like ours work with partners on shared campaigns



How Purging Our Subscriber List Increased our CTR by 183.5%

We used to advertise on our site that we had over 75,000 subscribers on our email list. While that was true, we had a nagging deliverability issue where we were getting stuck in spam folders a lot. While 75,000 subscribers look great when you’re seeking email sponsors, it’s absolutely terrible when email professionals let you know they weren’t getting your email because it was getting stuck in the junk folder. It’s a weird spot to be in and I hated it. Not to mention the fact that we have two different email experts as sponsors


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The Ultimate Holiday Email Marketing Guide Infographic

‘Tis the season for holiday marketing, and our email verification software sponsor NeverBounce has created the ultimate holiday email marketing guide for your viewing pleasure. The National Retail Federation’s data continue to show that spending is going up this year, especially online and driven by digital efforts. Email marketing particularly plays a large part, and retailers need to stay on top of keeping their lists clean and fresh to protect their sender reputation and deliverability. Some startling stats for the 2016 holiday season: 92% of holiday shoppers buy online. The projected increase in non-store sales for


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Check Out our New Site… and our New Resources

Since so many of you scan our email or read our feed, you may not have noticed the amazing transformation the publication has made the last few weeks. We’ve gutted the entire site and have been going back and cleaning up content as well. The new site is looks great, is easy to navigate, and is incredibly responsive to mobile devices. So What, You Bought a Theme You might be thinking that if you’re a WordPress wizard. We did, in fact, buy a theme for the new site. What people may not realize is that