Why Only 20% of Readers are Clicking Through on Your Article Title

Reading Time: 2 minutes Headlines, post titles, titles, headings… whatever you want to call them, they’re the most important factor in every piece of content you deliver. How important? According to this Quicksprout infographic, while 80% of people read a headline, only 20% of the audience actually clicks. Title tags are critical to search engine optimization and headlines are essential to getting your content shared on social media. Now that you know headlines are important, you’re probably wondering what

Findability – 21 New Rules of Content Marketing

Reading Time: < 1 minute While the foundations of building a site are still in play, it’s the content that’s now successfully driving the success to companies investing in great marketing strategies. Many companies who invested heavily in search engine optimization have seen those investments lost… but companies who continued to push for relevant, frequent and recent content that provided value to their audience continue to see the rewards. Are you ready for a new world of search engine optimization,

Content Variety and Formats Drive Results

Reading Time: < 1 minute Your audience varies. While you may appreciate a long-copy whitepaper, another prospect may simply want to review a feature list before they contact you for business. This great infographic from ContentPlus, a UK-based content marketing service, provides an overview of the variety of content offerings that exist, why they work, and some supporting data. They also have an accompanying blog post that ties it all together. Internet users have become sophisticated content consumers in recent

Design a Robust Mobile App for iPhone and Android in 5 Steps

Reading Time: 3 minutes My Mobile Fans offers affordable mobile apps and mobile websites for the individual, non-profit and small business environment via their industry leading Do-It-Yourself (DIY) app builder. With over 40 rich features for leveraging mobile, location and social media, they may be the most affordable and robust mobile app building platform on the market. The application is quite simple, providing a step-by-step wizard to pull you through setting up your mobile application. Step 1: Select your

The Daily: Reinventing Digital News

Reading Time: 2 minutes For the purpose of this blog post, I went out and got a new iPad. I know, I know… it’s a pretty weak excuse. Many of our clients are asking questions about the iPad, too, though, so it was time to dig deep and get a couple for work. As soon as I got home, I downloaded The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s digital news platform designed specifically for the iPad (announced yesterday). The experience is unique