The 15 Elements of a Highly Effective Website

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some advice is timeless, and I believe this checklist from Quicksprout is one of them. Marketers are often so busy on content production and testing that they often miss out on the baseline elements necessary for success. This infographic points to 10 elements necessary for reader engagement, search engine optimization, and social sharing: Relevance – research, write and design content to fully inform users rather than to try to play to search engines. Content Length

4 Strategies to Convert New Visitors into Returning Ones

Reading Time: 3 minutes We’ve got an enormous problem in the content industry. Practically every single resource that I read on content marketing is related to acquiring new visitors, reaching new target audiences, and investing in emerging media channels. Those are all acquisition strategies. The acquisition of customers is the slowest, most difficult, and costly means of increasing revenue regardless of any industry or product type. Why is this fact lost on content marketing strategies? It’s approximately 50% easier

26 Steps to Creating a Successful Ecommerce Business in 2015

Reading Time: 2 minutes By 2017, ecommerce sales are estimated to reach $434 billion in the United States. We’ve been actually developing this site to add some ecommerce solutions and strategies after testing some automated reporting solutions last year. Much more to come in the next few months – we promise! Ecommerce Platforms developed this infographic with ecommerce strategies that will help you develop a sustainable business and focus on what you should do to succeed, from targeting the

Notablist: Design Inspiration and Competitive Research for Email Marketers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Notablist markets themselves as the Email Newsletter Search Engine, having indexed over 5 million search email newsletters across over 400,000 Publishers. Tools like these are fantastic for designers who wish to get inspiration from key brands or digital marketers who want to see when their competitors are sending and what kind of newsletters and deals are being communicated. If you’re a business that doesn’t have the resources to test, these tools can be particularly helpful since