The New Big Deal of Influencer Marketing – with Examples

I should start off by saying don’t miss Douglas Karr’s presentation on influencer marketing at Social Media Marketing World! What is Influencer Marketing? Basically, it means convincing influential people, bloggers or celebrities with big followings to promote your brand on their personal online accounts.  Ideally they would do it for free, but the reality is you pay to play. This is a growing market and the returns can yield your brand big success when activated

My Blogging Checklist…

Last week I had coffee with Brandon McGee, a VP with Huntington bank that specializes in Mobile Banking. Brandon’s blog has some great search engine ranking – thanks to his concentrated content as well as the tight niche he’s blogging about. We chatted about his blog and even talked mobile for a while, he’s provided me with some cool insight as to where the industry is going and it’s quite exciting. Here’s a synopsis of